Read all of the latest news and reports of what’s catching aboard Chinook 3, written by skipper – Phil White. Phil regularly writes for Angling Direct and Charter Boats UK.

20th Feb 2018

The last fortnight has been more settled and this has allowed us to get a few trips in and give our anglers some good mixed fishing. The Codling numbers are quite steady with up to 15 some days, most are…
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5th February 2018

In my last report a fortnight ago I said don’t give up, keep trying because you never know what will turn up. Well great news because some more Cod have turned up and some are also bigger with several fish…
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November 2017

This last fortnight has been very cold which should hopefully get the Cod moving south towards us! We are starting to see some Codling along the Essex coast and there are reports of more fish moving down the Norfolk and…
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October 2017

17 Oct 2017 by Phil White The weather over the last fortnight has been quite lovely with some warm days and sunny skies. This has allowed our anglers to get out and enjoy some excellent sport with a variety of…
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