Our cod season runs from October through to end April. We are lucky in the Thames Estuary because a lot of our cod run close inshore right through the winter and spring when the Thornbacks turn up. A lot of our cod are 2-6lb with a good run of bigger fish in Nov/Dec before they move offshore to spawn. In the spring these bigger fish turn up for a few weeks in a few areas further offshore, myself and John specialize in catching these bigger cod having spent a considerable amount of fuel and time finding where they are so if it’s big cod you want then come with us, we go further than the rest.


Commonly called skate, these rays are prevalent throughout the Thames estuary most times of the year, however best times are March to October, during the spring large numbers of these fish come inshore to mate and spawn and with less commercial pressure now a lot more are surviving.


These hard fighting beautiful fish are everyone’s favourite. We get a good run of fish from April through to October, some of our biggest fish are caught June/July when the mackerel shoals turn up. We also get bass in the shallow water chasing bait fish and this can be exciting for a while until the shoal disperses.

My dedicated Bass trips are from mid September through October when we target the fish on the offshore banks before they move off for the season.


These hard fighting fish are the closest most people come to shark fishing in uk waters. They are incredibly strong and fast with big teeth so have to be treated with respect. Our season runs from early June to end July, we have to go further offshore which means a longer day. We feather for mackerel on the way out.


Pound for pound these are the hardest fighting fish in uk waters. These powerful fish often go to over 20lb and when in shallow water they put up a real scrap, our season runs from end April through to end Sept with the bigger females showing up July/August, they are a genuine sport fish and are returned alive.


These hard fighting fish are similar to the smoothounds but more aggressive. They have razor sharp teeth and need to be treated like tope when fishing for them, they turn up offshore March to May but rarely come close inshore so don’t often get caught, we have been catching them more regularly since targeting the bigger cod in the spring so if you want to have a go for them with a good chance of a big one book with us.

My dedicated Spurdog trips run from mid Feb through to mid May, this is your best chance of a 20lb plus fish.


Everyone loves mackerel fishing and during the summer months these beautiful little fish show up, amounts vary every year but when the shoals are big you can fill up in no time. During the school holidays we do lads and dads trips just for the mackerel which is a great way to get the kids hooked.