CHINOOK  3 is licensed for 10 anglers. A full day charter is 8-9 hours, if the day is shorter due to the weather then the price will be adjusted pro-rata.

Prices quoted are inclusive of rod hire and frozen baits (squid/mackerel/herring), lug and ragworm is extra and can be supplied by the skipper.

Further offshore, longer trips and tope fishing prices are included below as well.

Prices have been held for 4 years but due to annual increase in all areas I have had to raise prices to keep up

From 1st January 2019

Boat booking up to 6 anglers £400.

For 8 anglers £420.

For 10 anglers £440.

Individual price up to 8 anglers  £60 per angler.

Boat booking up to 8 anglers further offshore £480.

Gift Vouchers

Ever wondered what to buy your loved one? Whether it is your son’s 21st birthday or husband’s 40th you can now buy them a gift voucher, for a whole day’s fishing with me, on a day of your choice and they need never know you have booked it. Simply phone me to arrange a date, send me a cheque for £65 and I will send you your voucher, simple as that!