5th February 2018

In my last report a fortnight ago I said don’t give up, keep trying because you never know what will turn up. Well great news because some more Cod have turned up and some are also bigger with several fish reported at around 4lb on Saturday.

These fish have probably come into the Estuary following the sprats but providing we don’t get a glut of them the Cod will continue to feed on the seabed. We also had some small Codling  at around 10 inch on Sunday, these are the first we have seen all winter and it is good news because they will come back next winter.

There are increasing numbers of Thornbacks of both male and female, some of the females are a good size with several over 10lb on Sunday, remember they are carrying eggs and should be returned alive.

The river’s are hard at the moment but there are plenty of dabs on the neap tides and odd Thornbacks starting to show, the piers will be good for the Codling, whiting, dabs and thornbacks on the bigger tides.

We have not been offshore recently as the best of the fishing is close inshore, however we will start to venture further off when we get into March to try and find some different species.

Prospects are actually very good considering what some winters can be like, certainly there is a good mix of fish at the moment on the big tides and there is genuine optimism there might be more cod showing up anytime so make the most of it and support your local charter boats.