20th Feb 2018

The last fortnight has been more settled and this has allowed us to get a few trips in and give our anglers some good mixed fishing.

The Codling numbers are quite steady with up to 15 some days, most are around 2-3lb with a few nudging 4lb, the bigger tides are better as the fish are quite shallow and you need a bit of tide run to get them feeding.
We have dropped a few over the last few days as the fish are quite shy at the moment with plenty of food in the water to pre-occupy them.
The trick here is to cut the squid down the centre from the tail, use plenty of elastic cotton to stop them ripping the bait off the hooks and keep the bait up the back of the hook.

There are some cracking Thornbacks showing although they are still quite erratic in their feeding patterns, however there will soon be more showing up and as the sea temperature gets less cold they will feed better.

The Estuaries are still quiet with dabs and odd Thornbacks but the sprats will soon start to move out and fishing will improve as we get into March.

The piers are producing Whiting, Codling and dabs on the bigger tides with more Thornbacks soon starting to show from the shore marks as well.

We have not been offshore yet but reports are that it is still slow further off with mainly dogfish and a few Thornbacks but again things will improve  in the next few weeks.

Prospects are excellent, as the sprats move back out to sea the Codling will start to feed better on the ground and we could yet get an influx of Spring fish as well.