November 2017

This last fortnight has been very cold which should hopefully get the Cod moving south towards us! We are starting to see some Codling along the Essex coast and there are reports of more fish moving down the Norfolk and Suffolk beaches so fingers crossed.

The fish we have seen so far have been around 35-40cm but over the last week we have seen some slightly better fish showing, best baits are squid and lug although you do have to watch the rods as the Whiting are prolific!

There are still good numbers of Thornbacks showing although they are not feeding as readily as they were, this is due to the water temperature dropping but they should be around until the new year depending on how cold it gets.

There are plenty of Whiting all across the Estuary with some better fish amongst them, the rivers are very productive at the moment and there are still some Thornbacks in amongst the Whiting.

The Piers and beach marks are all producing whiting, Thornbacks, Dabs and Codling with best baits being squid, lug and crab.

The Dabs are showing up again this winter in the Estuaries with some good catches already reported, best baits are squid, herring and black lug but must be very small baits fished on a paternoster over the slack tide.

Prospects are promising, there are more Codling showing than last year and the last few winters have been quite productive in the new year so keep it all crossed.