October report

Hi Guys. The weather has been dreadful this Autumn with continuous gales and low pressure systems, this has meant we have been restricted in where we can go and the days we can get in. The good news is that the fishing has been excellent both inshore and offshore.

There have been good numbers of Bass offshore with plenty of fish around 3-5lb showing, Bass trips stop end October with the ban on landing starting until April so be quick to get a trip booked.

Inshore has been excellent with good numbers of Thornbacks showing now, both male and female, there are plenty of whiting showing and still some nice Bass around. The dabs are starting to show in the Estuaries and inshore. There are reports of odd Codling showing up on the piers and beaches, once we start seeing them i will let everyone know.

Prospects are excellent even if the codling do not show in numbers, there will be plenty of fish to catch up until the new year.

Tight lines.